Learn Q2 2017 Cumulative Update adds 5 decimal places to all grades

Discussion created by rf25702 on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by cw31641

After having Managed Hosting apply the cumulative patch to our Q2 2017 environment, we find that everywhere grades are displayed, they now show 5 decimal places.  We are told that this is designed behavior.  It occurs in the teacher's grade center as well as in the student's MyGrades view.  Does anyone find this disturbing?  In what universe should a student see a grade of "97.83425%" or "40.00000 out of 50 points"?  This implies a level of precision in grading as if we were measuring the size of an atom.  Also with this update "0.00" shows as "-0.00", a mathematical perplexity.


I have been complaining for the 5 years we have had Learn that you cannot control the number of decimal places showing in the Grade Center.  Now we face the same issue across all views of grades with no way to alter it.  We are told that it is to make all views consistent.  But again, it just makes a deceptive and  messy display to students.