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    Can I put an LTI Integration into a Module on the My Institution page?


      Hello everyone, I have a pretty simple--hopefully--question. I'm just getting started with Blackboard, so hopefully this is straightforward.


      I'm building an LTI Provider. My intention is to integrate this into Blackboard on a student's home page. However, I haven't found good documentation on how to do that. The only think I've found is this: https://en-us.help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Integrations/Learning_Tools_Interoperability#manage_placements which seems to indicate that it'll show up in the Tools module. That's not what I was hoping to do. I was hoping that I could embed the tool directly in a module.


      Is there an easy way to do that directly with LTI? Do I have to create a Building Block to do that? I have the LTI Provider and a test consumer that seem to be working, but I'd like to know that I can use it in an actual Blackboard environment.




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          I am not aware of this being possible using the core LTI functionality in Learn 9, but it can be done using my open source BasicLTI building block "Accessing tools via a module" subsection in the "Defining a tool" section of the documentation page at http://www.spvsoftwareproducts.com/bb/basiclti/.  It uses an extension to the LTI spec to send a DashboardRequest message to the tool provider and expects HTML or RSS in return.  You can see this message type in action using the test site at http://lti.tools/test - just select the DashboardRequest message type, click "Save data" and then click "Launch TP".  HTH.

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              Hi Stephen,


              I also have a similar question as Ryan above. I'm working on an LTI tool and also like to place this in a module that I place in a tab. I have this setup with the Basic LTI building block but when I navigate to the tab, I lose all the layout and formatting. However, when I view this in the Administrator panel, the tool is rendered as expected:



              The tab view is completely messed up:


              I thought perhaps this was because the styles and JS files are in the header of the page with is not rendered in the Module and I moved all of these the body of the page.


              My tool is basically a leaderboard that is similar to the Gamegogy building block but with quite a number of custom functionality.


              I would appreciate your guidance with this