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    Change the browser Title




      One of our clients want to replace "Blackboard Learn" with "University title" in the browser title bar while accessing Blackboard Learn. How e can change this in login page and other pages?

      Attached screen shot for clarification.



      Hammam Saeed

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          Note that the titles of Learn pages are dynamic and change as you navigate through the system. Are you looking to change just the login page title or all of them?



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              Hi Jeff,


              You are right the title is dynamic, at the same time page title will be followed by "- Blackboard Learn", what I am looking for is to change that part only and doing this to all pages including the login page. If changing that part only is not applicable, then I am looking to change the whole title and provide a fixed title.



              Hammam Saeed

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              I'm not entirely sure, but I have a vague recollection that this might be controlled in the language pack's license_info.properties file. That particular file is not editable via the GUI, however, so you'll have export the language pack, unzip it, and edit the file manually if you want to test.

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                The method that would be supported:

                Download the system default language pack, eg en_US, and unzip it

                modify this:




                NEW: customize.browser.title=Gumby.edu


                Zip it up properly and upload it to a new name and identifier:

                English United States Browser Tab Title Mod  en_US_browsertabmod

                Set it as the system default.


                Result: Browser tab on login page shows: Gumby.edu - Blackboard Learn



                The method that would not be supported by Blackboard Support, as mentioned in this thread:


                in section for your type of license (check the code in config\license\blackboard-license.xml):

                eg:  #NAHE Product naming updated here


                change all license variants ...product_family_name=Blackboard Learn

                to: product_family_name=My School


                Result: Result: Browser tab on login page shows: My School


                Note that as this is changing licensing information it may considered a breach of contract.

                Also, it may unexpectedly break something somewhere - results are unpredictable.