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        Thanks @Andy Turner, talis is working fine on our test environment too but the issue is only occurring on production! not sure why, it might be related to the rollover of courses (Still checking with bb). I looked at the document that Tim sent but there doesn't seem to be much of a workaround apart from waiting to the new release. Hope the upgrade goes well over the weekend, keep us posted.




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          Amy Eyre - We had Bb perform a push config and the caching issue went away - thanks again!!

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            Upgrade completed yesterday morning. Initially Talis links on course menus seemed to be fine. But by the evening we'd got reports of something not being right - and sure enough, we're affected just as described in the article.


            Looking for workarounds in the short term, but I think any Talis users affected should put pressure on Blackboard to sort this out asap.



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              @Andy Turner , we will start using the building block instead until the LTI get fixed.

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                Tim Hodson at Talis says that this issue may not affect links created using Stephen Vickers' LTI tool, available on Oscelot


                So we're looking at that as an option.


                We've also heard from Blackboard that 2017 Q2 CU3 will include a fix for this issue. No timescale indicated, but should be out "soon".

                The problem, of course, is that installing even a CU update these days requires some downtime.



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                  We completed our upgrade from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017 CU2 on Sunday. It went reasonably well.

                  Only thing found so far is an updated Sharestream building block needs to be installed.


                  One major issue encountered after the upgrade was with Oracle running out of space trying to write archive logs. Our DBA says there are a lot more archive logs being generated. I have a ticket open with Blackboard to see what they say about it.

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                    I work at Stevenson University and we just finished upgrading to Blackboard SaaS from Blackboard October 2014 on campus servers as of this Monday.  We also had the task of turning the system off and back on in the middle of summer session.  I will be posting information on some things we found when the dust settles but I did want to share a solution that we just sent to Blackboard with regards to users being able to reorder content items on the course menu that we just sent to Blackboard team.  We actually have figured out how to restore the drag and drop functionality to several users already.  Here's the information I sent to them:




                    I work at Stevenson University as instructional designer.  We just recently upgraded to Blackboard SaaS with the 2016 theme and have encountered the problem described in Article #47029 where users are unable to recorder course content menus on some computers and not others.  I have attached the article for reference. The recommended work around is to use keyboard accessible reordering.  However I figured out a way to actually fix the problem on an individual’s computer who is experiencing the issue so they can drag and drop if desired.   There are two specific things we found one having to do with user knowledge of a mobile adaptive application and the resolution set in the browser:


                    1. Users need to be sure that they wait for the mouse pointer to into a crosshairs before dragging and dropping.  If they try to move the menus when the mouse pointer is an up and down arrow it won’t work.  Here’s a quick video screen capture that shows this important clarification:



                    1. The resolution of computer screen set in the browser when the grey bars are present but Blackboard is contained in the window.  We have found that using the keyboard shortcut of holding the Ctrl key and pressing “+“  until most of the gray area is gone.  You can set it to match the window perfectly but we have found that as long as the individual grey areas are less than an inch on each side it works.


                    The reason we figured out this issue is because we had a user who computer screen was acting like a mobile device with the stacking (hamburger menus) of the menus was occurring.  I did a search on why Firefox would treat a website on a desktop computer as a mobile version and found an explanation on that resolution must have been set incorrectly and the user actually needs to hold the Ctrl key and press “-“ (dash) which is the opposite direction.  In this case the user admitted to adjusting the setting of monitor so they could see better and the solution worked.  They also reported that the drag and drop issue disappeared. 


                    It then occurred to me that several of us were seeing the issue our office which tends to be multiple monitors, docking station and generic drivers rather than on laptops and other home devices.  In office environments you would typically find users with all sort of custom monitor setups, drivers/resolution set to generic settings and users who have manually adjusted the resolution to see.  This is not something that is easy to spot in testing because no one typically thinks about it.


                    Hopefully this will not only provide a workaround that restores the user’s mouse functionality but help Blackboard isolate the issue since it is clear the problem has to do with how the 2016 theme detects an individual’s resolution.



                    Not sure this is the right place to put this but just wanted to share the information to minimize one of the most common gripes with the 2016 Theme besides the color;)


                    Nadine Edwards

                    Coordinator, Distance Learning

                    Stevenson University

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                      Nadine Edwards,


                      We have made similar adjustments and also found that cache clear has resolved some of the drag and drop issues on MH Q4 2016 CU#.


                      Thanks so much for sharing this information with a great work around with clear and concise directions and welcome!




                      Toni P.

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                        Hi Everyone!


                        I'm from Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia, and we are planning the migration from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017. However, our current environment is Windows Server 2012 + SQL Server 2012 Standard, and for the migration to Q2 2017 we want to install it in a Red Hat + Oracle 12 environment.


                        I see many people that describes that their installation is over Linux + Oracle, but I really appreciate if someone had some experience with the scenario that I have (could be in another version, but for the case of migrate from Windows/SQL Server to Linux/Oracle).



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                          I've never been involved with anything like this, but I'm very interested to follow your journey here.

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                            Hello everybody,


                            I'm from Utrecht University. We've upgraded to Q2 2017 CU2 on july 28th. We've ran into some issues with our Portfolio's. I haven't read through all 22 pages of this discussion, so my apologies if this has been mentioned before. As these issues have been quite severe for us, I wanted to let you all know. Maybe it will help you somehow.


                            After the update we got reports that Portfolio's weren't working anymore, what we found were several issues that result in 404 errors. In the meantime these have been logged by Blackboard as Known Issues. Past Tuesday (14th of August) CU3 has come out, which should fix these issues. We're now in the process of testing CU3 as soon as we can.

                            The issues we encounter are:

                            • Portfolio Artifact Attachment URLs not Migrated After Upgrade Giving 404 Not Found Error - Article # 46016
                              • Additional information we found on this issue: This effects all attachments that were already in the system before the update. The link in the artifact replaces any spaces, hyphens or special characters with an underscore, while the filenames remain the same giving the 404 error.
                            • Portfolios Containing Hyperlinks will Error when Shared and Opened with an External User – Article # 46017
                              • Additional information we found on this issue: Any hyperlinks, also within Blackboard itself, makes the use of any snapshot, both shared internally to another user as to external users give a 404 error.


                            Martin van Deutekom

                            Utrecht University

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                              Hi all, sorry for cross-posting...

                              We upgraded to Q2.2017 about six weeks ago and have been busy cleaning up debris ever since (and by the looks of it, we will still be cleaning for some time…).

                              While researching a problem with formulas no longer displaying in old (pre-upgrade) discussion board posts (it’s a bug, but there’s no known issue number for it yet), we noticed that Blackboard has started creating sessions-folders in Xythos and no longer directly on the file system (/usr/local/blackboard/…/sessions on our old linux servers).

                              It appears that none of those sessions folders has been purged since our upgrade, we’ve got about 100GB worth of data in stale sessions-folders in our content collection.

                              Do you guys see the same thing? Could you check “/webapps/cmsmain/webui/internal?action=frameset&subaction=view”  or “/webapps/cmsmain/webui/internal/sessions?action=frameset&subaction=view” ?

                              Any suggestion for ways to get them to be purged/cleaned automatically?



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                                We've upgraded to Q2 2017 CU3 last week and it does seem to resolve some of the portfolio issues nicely. It also installs a lot faster than CU2, which is a nice bonus.


                                The system seems to slow down a bit now, so we're going to have a look at sessions / caching issues mentioned on here just to make sure. Alternatively, our users are extra keen this year and already doing a lot of work....


                                We still can't re-order content on all browsers and we came across a gradecenter issue where we can't access the contextual menu in the last column, though we found that it works if the browser window is not maximised.

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                                  We had a number of instructors have issues after we upgraded to Q2 2017 CU 2 reordering in content areas and the grade center.  It happens to instructors whose browsers are using cached items from before the upgrade.  Clearing the browser's cache has resolved all reported instances of the issue. 

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                                    Hi Sandra Heidecker,


                                    We had a similar problem with the context menu on the last column in the Grade Centre but applied Neil Brady's fix from this page, and it seems to be OK now:


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