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    Shareable calendar?




      Does anyone know of a way to have a calendar in Bb learning in which an instructor's calendar can be shared with students and then they can make edits?  For example, is there a way for a student to see an instructor's calendar and then select a time in which they can meet?




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          I have seen faculty provide this sort of functionality in a couple of different ways.  If a faculty member only is setting up a minimum number of appointments (e.g. one appointment per student per semester) I have seen them use the self-enroll feature of groups to accomplish this.  Obviously, this gets pretty clunky, though, if the class is too large or each student will be scheduling multiple appointments.  The second approach that I have seen is for faculty to set up a Google Calendar or an Office 365 team calendar.  The limitation in this case, as in the first case, is that these calendars do not automatically sync up with Outlook (if that is the official calendar used by the school.)  For folks who really want/need this sort of integration with Outlook, but do not want to just use the calendar tools that are already built-in to Outlook, I have seen some faculty use a 3rd-party app, like Acuity.  Not surprisingly, the more features these apps have, the more expensive they are. There is a $10/month version of Acuity that syncs with Outlook or iCloud (and other programs) though, so these don't have to be too expensive.


          Instructional Designer Community does anyone know of other options?

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            Have you tried youcanbook.me? I know some folks who use this for office hours. It's not free, though.

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