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Cloud Environment for Application Development like other LM Systems

Question asked by nasir on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by smachaje

Hi All,

I am new at blackboard although I have experience in development Canvas extensions, my question is about making Blackboard more accessible for developers.


I have explored the application development possibilities for Bb  and only possibility to work with blackboard is to have a developer license and deploy a Virtual Machine using Behind Blackboard. With Canvas, the experience of deploying and testing my App in an instance on cloud hosted and managed by them at [INSTITUTION NAME]  is much simpler and easy to use.


Now considering an R&D project that will require to integrate with different LM Systems, there should be some way to use blackboard (on cloud)  to test the application without requirement of Developer License and/or local virtual machine.  The RestAPI that Bb is adopting lately, actually promotes the idea that an APP can reside on external servers but interact with a BB deployment using http and it makes perfect sense to register and use such an app in Bb hosted instance .


With this background my questions is:  Is there any possibility to have a similar access from Bb for testing/verification of application?


The Institution deployed Bb on premises, can have this type of facility to use Bb SaaS for application Integration?