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    Crocodoc End of Life Annoucement


      Could we have an update on what is going to happen with the Assignment tool now that this announcement has been made?


      We need to know about the product's future, but also what will happen to student work already submitted, as we have a need for a number of years of retention.

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          Hi Danny Monaghan,

          This was a hot topic on the roadmap webinar this afternoon; the official announcement on BtB can be found here:


          However there were questions about this for Wade Weichel who said that they're still working on the details, but annotations added to the current Crocodoc system will be transferred over to the equivalent new Box system, but that any hand-drawn items added in Crocodoc may not be editable in the new system.

          It looks like we're going to have to very carefully plan our upgrades to ensure we have a compatible system running when the transition happens in January 2018.

          I think we are all going to be following this topic very closely as clearly this will be critical for anyone who is doing electronic submission, so additional details about this would be very useful.


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            Thanks Chris. I didn't get the chance to see the roadmap today so that's useful feedback.

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              I am especially interested in learning how this will impact Q2 2016. The article says that institutions will have to update to a newer SP before Jan. 2018 to obtain Box View. We do not have time to plan for another upgrade before that time. We will be upgrading to Q2 2016 this summer. Will the old Crocodoc work, but not be supported in older versions or will all inline grading go away for older service packs? How can we lobby to get the Box View for Q2 2016?





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                Marilyn Staffo, this was mentioned heavily in the Bb Sys Admin office hours.  We are moving to Q4 2016 and it looks like it will require a CU update or will be built into Q4 2017; I and others had mentioned due to the timing in January 2018 that this be more of a patch or very limited CU update. 


                It was mentioned that like the BtBb article that there would hopefully be more information shared in the upcoming months on this.  Let me know if you find anything else on this.




                Toni P.

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                  Depending on how Box is actually integrated in Blackboard, this could actually be a great upgrade. The supported file types in Box greatly exceeds Crocodoc (What file types and fonts are supported by Box's C... - Box ) so we could hopefully have a fantastic tool when students submit assigments that aren't stricly text documents (for example, a sound or video recording that box will embed with a play button). Personally, I am looking forward to this. If Blackboard would go one step further and actually also integrate Box to course content, meaning that all common file formats would be able to get previewed without being downloaded and then opened locally, we would really get something out of it!

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                    Hi there,

                    We are also curious about how the transition is going to work.... We (University of Antwerp)  recently developed a building block that archives and stores crocodoc submissions including the feedback and the comments that live in Crocodoc. The assignments + all the in-line-feedback are stored locally in a pdf in the course content collection and in the personal folder of the student in the content collection.
                    We had the serious problem that crocodoc-comments were not included in archives and we had no guarantee whatsoever about how long these comments would be stored and remain available in crocodocs/the cloud. This BB might come in handy when crocodocs disappears ....
                    Feel free to contact us if interested.

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                      Thanks for sharing this Peter Norberg - this sounds really promising!  We've had quite a few situations where students submit something other than the standard Word document or PDF, so this extra compatibility is great news.  Displaying plain text files is great news; I have a computer science lecturer who wants his students to submit code snippets, so this is ideal, and having support for images has great potential too.

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                        I'm also disappointed to hear about the timings for this. As the announcement states that Box have announced Crocodoc's end of 'life' for Jan 2018 I'm expecting this to mean that it will stop working completely and hence the need to upgrade to one of the supported cumulative updates that will support Box services.


                        It's disappointing when we're already struggling with busy workloads and have a number of other projects planned/underway (including an ever maturing EMA project) and will also have to prepare for this during the hectic start of term season.





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                          I agree that ultimately it is likely to lead to improvements, but the timing is quite difficult for us. Besides having to potentially schedule another upgrade or at least a cumulative update in, there is a risk of loss of semester 1 feedback if things go wrong, as well as dealing with a potential user interface change, though we will have to see how different the interface actually looks. Given semester 1 is the launch of our EMA appraoch as a requirement for all modules, and Crocodoc is a widely used part of that, we aren't pleased with the timing.  Box announced the end of life 6 months ago so I'm hopeful Bb has made decent progress behind the scenes.


                          It would be great if the update was available before the start of the academic year as I'd like to avoid a mid-year transition which will be much more difficult.



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                            While we had made plans to move to Q2 2017 for the 2017-18 academic cycle, this will require a change 1) mid stream 2) without sufficient advance notice or 3) a chance to preview the product. This is bigly problematic.

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                              Brian Irwin,


                              I think that we all need a very light CU that is more of a patch in disguise especially based on the timing of it.




                              Toni P.

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                                Hi Danny Monaghan et al,


                                I wanted to let you know that we posted a Support Bulletin on May 8th announcing Blackboard's plans to transition from the Crocodoc service to the New Box View service.  We did this primarily to provide customers with as much advanced notice as possible about our intentions, but with that came the caveat that we did not have every detail confirmed and more information would be shared as soon as we have it.


                                Today, we issued another Support Bulletin expanding the scope of supported releases to include Q2 2016.  We also made available an FAQ with more information on the details of the transition away from Crocodoc based on the most common questions we've received over the past few days and weeks. 


                                As before, we will be sharing more information in the near future as the details and overall planning for the transition are solidified.  We are trying to tread the line of providing as much information as possible while also making sure that information is accurate and not likely to change (especially change for the worse!).


                                Thank you for the post!  Please review the resources linked above and look for further updates on this transition here on the Community Site, through Behind the Blackboard, and in broader communications from Blackboard.

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                                  Trey Buck


                                  Thanks much for your thorough information on this update.


                                  Do you know which if any B2 updates will also be part of this Cumulative Update?




                                  Toni P.

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                                    Good morning Trey.  One item I did not find in the 2 articles or the FAQ is the status of assignments submitted using the "Write Submission" feature.  I have quite a few courses that use this. 

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