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    Is it possible to create new Course Groups programatically through SOAP webservices?




      Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to create new groups in a Learn Course programatically through the SOAP webservices and add students to the new groups? According to the API (http://library.blackboard.com/ref/78e2d337-a6b3-4483-98b0-ac2a491f1135/index.htm), there is a 'saveGroup' function, but no 'createGroup' function like there is for a course.


      Or end goal is to automatically create groups based on delivery methods for our multiple campus' e.g. a Learn course may have some students at one campus, other students at another campus, and other students studying online. We'd like to create a different group for these different students, and add each student to the relevant group based on info from our SIS system.