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    Prevent student from taking a Test when he is late



      I'd set up a Test for my class which I want to bar students who are 10 minutes late to take the Test. How do I go about doing it?


      If I enter a '0' mark in the grade center, the 'late' students are still able to click on the Test link to attempt the test though he still get a final score of '0'.

      I'd set the Test to 'single attempt'.

      Any help or suggestions?


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          I think that this will work for you........in the Test Options for your test, under the Test Availability section you can set the test to Display Until a specific time.  I put a screen shot below:


          I tried it out on a couple of test students.  I made the test so that it was only 1 attempt, force completion, 60 minute timer with auto-submit.  I started the first student before the display until time and allowed the student to remain active in the test until after the display until time.  I had the second student go into the folder where the test was after the display until time had passed....they could not see the link to the test.  The first student was unaffected by the display until time and was able to continue with the test as if nothing had happened.

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              This is definitely my preferred method.  I have always had success with Display Until... This allows all students to start, as long as they access the test by that Date/Time, and prevents all students who are "late" from starting.  This also has no impact on students active in the test. 

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                We recommend not using Force Completion in the test options. It's often thought that this setting prevents students from leaving the test--not true. What it prevent is students re-entering a test if their internet connection is dropped.


                My example case is this one: Nursing students taking a 100 question, 120 minute test (I'll not go into why 100 questions is too many for a single online test right now...)  One student had about 30 minutes and ten questions left when his connection went down. Because of Force Completion being set to "on" he was NOT able to go back and complete the test. The available options then were to grade the test without those 10 questions, mark all 10 questions wrong, or to clear his attempt and have him start the whole thing over. Well, there were other options--give him a written copy of the missing questions, give him a second chance and tell him to only answer the last 10 questions, etc. but nothing as simple as just letting him re-enter and pick up where he left off--which would have been possible if Force Completion wasn't on.


                Some instructors don't realize that the timer keeps running. If students leave the test, voluntarily or involuntarily, they can return and pick up where they left off, having lost only a minute or so during the reconnection time.


                If instructors are concerned about leaving the test and surfing for answers--that's solved by proctoring services like Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor, not Force Completion.


                Best wishes,


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                You can use the Due Date and check "Do Not allow students to start the test if due date has passed. Caveat: if you use Test Exceptions to allow someone to take a test later, the Due Date will override the Test Exception if it is after the Due Date.


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