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Need Access to Collaborate Ultra REST API Test Environment

Question asked by cd37617 on Apr 4, 2017


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Case #02477752 - Need credentials to access Collaborate Ultra REST API

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Jessica Vihon

Blackboard Collaborate

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Dear Blackboard Team


We need access to the test environment in order to progress our custom integration with your service specifically utilising the API documented at (details provided to us by Peter Hirst). It would appear that we will need a collaborate rest key and secret key pair. Presumably there is also some kind of web log in you can provide us with for the test environment where we will be able to inspect the outcome of our API calls for correctness?


The API credentials would appear to need to meet the requirements detailed at


It would also be helpful if you could give some indication as to when the REST API is likely to be available for production use.


Best regards


Alan Gamble

Information Systems Consultant