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How to add custom content types?

Question asked by br36524 on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by anlu



I'm trying to add a menu-item in the Build Content menu, but for some reason my menu item is not added to the menu with the following code:



    <name value="My item"></name>

    <handle value="my_item"></handle>


      <view value="content/view.jsp"/>

      <cpview value="content/view.jsp"/>

      <create value="content/create.jsp"/>

      <modify value="content/edit.jsp"/>

      <remove value="content/delete.jsp"/>



      <toolbar value="images/item.gif" />

      <listitem value="images/item.gif" />




        <action-type value="createItem"/>






Does anyone have a working example, where a B2 adds a menu item in the Build Content menu? Or any ideas what I'm missing in my code?