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    Show us your Blackboard!


      At a recent meeting of the UK Further Education User Group we ran a session called "Show us your Blackboard" whereby we shared our Learn user interface.  From past events, we felt it's always interesting to see what other institutions have done with their system, see how they have customised the interface, and to learn about anything unusual which has been added.  At the meeting it was felt that this would be a good topic for the community site - so, please show us your Blackboard!

      To start things off I've attached screen shots of the staff home page, and a typical course at City College Norwich, a large Further Education college in the UK.

      I'm looking forward to seeing some screen shots from other institutions!


      Staff home page

      Staff home page.png


      Typical course - Level 3 Business

      L3 Business course.png

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          The University of Groningen has mainly customized our portal screens to create a consistent look and feel across two systems.

          Full view:


          Mobile view:


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            Brilliant, thanks Allard Naber - I like the mobile view - is this using the new Learn 2016 theme or your own customisation?

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              Hei Allard, lovely! I do like it too. Very clean feeling. Is the "Timetable" module there custom made? Could you tell something about it. I really like the way it looks and I have someone looking for something similar.

              Chris, just a question regarding the Course view... isn't the banner image a bit too tall? I would be concerned it uses a lot of vertical space in the page (maybe it's just me).




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                Hi Ester Muñoz Aparicio, yes we might have gone for style over functionality with that course banner I agree that ideally a course banner shouldn't be too deep.  Do you have any screen shots from your system?




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                  Hi Ester,

                  The Timetable is indeed a custom made building block. It collects the schedule from our scheduling system (Syllabus Plus) and based on the course enrollments in Blackboard it composes a personal timetable from it. It is available in Blackboard, but we also provide the data in an iCal file, so students can add their schedule to their phone or computer. It will automatically update and new courses will be added after enrolling.

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                    These are our own customizations, but from what I've seen it is very similar to what Blackboard has done in this release. I hope Blackboard will soon expand their updated design, to make courses more responsive as well.

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                      Great idea, I love to see how each institution gets creative with its look and feel and also take the most advantage of the Community engagement system to provide a great experience 8 We had started a discussion like this in the FR user group, but so I'll encourage those who posted there to show their bb screenshots here too ping Geoffroy Warmé-Janville Stephan Tenza  Christian Fodéré Charles Dupré ! And I think  Alberto Ruiz has done some cool stuff for clients too.

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                        The University of the Sunshine Coast (QLD Australia) have done some major changes in the Theme to improve the user experience. Here is a short video created for students which will give you an idea.


                        Short Video


                        Student Dashboard


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                          hi everyone, this is Tim from the University of the Sunshine Coast. We have made some significant upgrades to our Blackboard Theme the last two years, which we tie in with our annual upgrade of the Blackboard system.


                          This year I designed a new 'Dashboard' view for the landing page for staff and students respectively. One of the key issues I wanted to address was the poor representation of the Course listings. We have been making good use of the 'JS Hacks' building block (built by All the Ducks) over the last few versions. I built a 'JS hack' for our Dashboard view - the functionality of which is reading in all the Course (and Organisation) links, and building a dynamic Course List panel that sits to the right of the Dashboard.


                          The other issue I wanted to address with the Dashboard was creating a channel for communication with students (and teachers). If you're familiar with Blackboards Tab layouts, what I've done here is make use of the 'Header' position to insert an iframe with 'Dashboard content' (a mini site I guess that sits in one of our content collections) - this gives us full flexibility over the layout and easy update of content).



                          Let me know if you have any questions or want to see some more screenshots of the interface and other functionality that has been built.



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                            It's good to see everyone's customisations. At Western Sydney University we have customised the Learn 2015 theme, which has more mobile responsive css than previous Themes. We opted for a simple and clean look. Here is a screenshot of a template course...


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                              Chris Boon, yes I do have screenshots of many customised Blackboard 9.1 systems I've done over the last 2-3 years for our clients. Here is some based on 2012 theme:

                              eLm-bb03.png eoi-bb02.png

                              iai-bb14.png  uah-bb05.png


                              And here a couple based on the new 2015 theme (these are still in the oven):

                              Captura de pantalla de 2017-02-02 09-33-03.png

                              Captura de pantalla de 2017-02-02 09-34-29.png

                              Sorry for the image overload!

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                                Alberto Ruiz is our integrations guy. He does all the custom buiding blocks and integrations, I do the custom CSS


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                                  You're so multi-talented Esther   ; thanks for the screenshots !

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                                    Chris hi

                                    What a great idea, these are really interesting

                                    I hope the FE User Group went well, see you soon


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