Overhaul to How Students Enter a Recurring Ultra Session

Idea created by jb36526 on Sep 16, 2019
    Under review

    Teachers love the ability to create recurring session in Black Board Ultra. We use the LTI integration in Moodle.
    Students, however, do not love how many clicks it takes to get into the session. 


    In a Moodle course students have to do the following to enter a currently running session (that is reoccurring):

    1. Click on the BBC LTI link to launch the BBC Sessions/Recordings panel
    2. Click on the Session name to toggle open the individual session instances
    3. Click on the individual Session instance to launch the "information" panel that contains the join button
    4. Click the Join Session button
    5. Then they have to set up their Audio/Video upon entering, which is useful, but again more clicking.


    By the time students are 'ready to go' they've clicked about 10 times to enter something that would be better to have entered with one click. Is there anyway we can enhance this experience and get students into a (recurring) session with less clicks?

    Product Version (if applicable):1