add access privilege for Ally Configuration and Ally Report

Idea created by jie.shen on Sep 13, 2019
    Under review

    Currently with Learn release 3700.11.0, any user who are given access to system admin panel can access Ally Configuration and Ally Report under the Tools and Utilities. This is because there aren't access privileges for these two tools when Ally is integrated with Blackboard. I have attempted to raised it as a defect, but was rejected because there is a note under system role privilege setting that says 'NOTE: Not every link in the system can be controlled with privileges and some Building Blocks may be available to every user who can access the Administrator panel.' This is like a get-out clause for this type of defects. We devolve course and enrolment management to department level via hierarchy nodes and these department admins need to access system admin panel, but not to configure Ally or access institutional Ally report. The workaround is to disable these two tools via  system Tools settings and access these two tool via external links provided by Ally support. This is not desirable. 

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