Separate links for guest access for participants, presenters and moderators

Idea created by on Sep 12, 2019
    Under review

    I would like to have separate guest links for different roles please so that it would be possible to invite a guest presenter/moderator in at the same time as inviting participants in by using the different links.


    The situation that this came up in is below. 


    I sent out links to staff from another institution we're working with who are doing some lectures. They tested them and everything was great they were moderators in the course.


    I then needed to send the link to a student so changed the guest role to participant and sent it to them. 


    The problem was that when I changed the guest role to presenter to send it to students it also puts the staff in as participants when they next go in.


    I had assumed that the links were different, they aren't but it would be really useful if they were. 

    Product Version (if applicable):1