Locating all Flash Files (or any file type)

Idea created by rd0069214 on Aug 18, 2019
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    It was suggested by Behind the Blackboard that I post this idea in the community to gauge demand for finding all Flash resources within an Open LMS instance, inprepration for Flashes end of life (often referred to as the Flash Apocalypse).


    We are wanting to find all Flash content delivered in our (very large) Open LMS instance, so finding all instances where a Flash file is used will help us do this and manage it.


    Finding Flash references in:

    • File resources
    • any HTML field
    • within SCORM files

    And reporting the associated:

    • Course
    • Activity
    • URL reference

    Would be ideal. The same report could be used for other file types/extensions in future where they need to be managed in some way.


    Another option is the Flash Apocalypse plugin found in the Moodle Plugins repository - however a pre-packaged Open Report or Admin report would be perfectly OK - let me know if anyone has developed one already that can be used.


    I've found a related question, but no definitive solution to actually locating Flash files: Flash End of Life in 2020 & SCORM 


    I'm expecting everyone has this same issue (whether it is on their radar or not), so hoping to get different approaches to this, or support for this specific approach.


    Many thanks, Rob.

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