Some features recommendations for safe assign

Idea created by sl0080114 on Aug 13, 2019
    Under review

    SafeAssign is good. In safeAssign moodle plugin, I think these features will make it even better (and considering the other products available in market/competition). I think these are "most have" features
    1) Indicate the question part (or exclude the question part) which can be defined by the teacher while setting up an assessment. Now without that features, we found that some give a false percent up to 100% just for the match of the question (depending upon question portion). Not food for comprehension or passage reading type of question.
    So, I think it is must-have feature.

    2) Ability to forbid student from submitting if the percentage is higher than a certain percent as ascertain by the assessor. The plagiarism is checked before the final submission.

    3)Some sort of feedback studio with pdf annotation maybe.

    i am sure that these features will make safeAssign one of the best tools available for plagiarism checker. But for now, without it, many unwanted issues.

    So, hoping to see these features in safeAssign.

    Just a suggestion.

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