Collaborate Assignment

Idea created by robinsonwilliam on Aug 2, 2019
    Under review

    Probably every University in the world has had instructors wanting to use include modern technology, so they require their students to create videos. Often these are 'Introductions' in the Discussions area, designed to take an online environment and make it more personable.


    These are more clumsy than the users would think. While some partners have included the option to insert quizzes into streaming videos, perhaps more useful would be a way for students to submit video projects, both individually and as groups. The tool should handle group projects and allow for minor video editing, and then the finished videos would be available for instructors in the Grade Center.

    In this day of streaming media and cloud services, video uploads would seem to be a simple process, but they're not. Blackboard just does not like uploads much larger than about 30 Mb. If it doesn't finish uploading in about 2 minutes, there's a good chance of failure. So we tell students to use links from cloud storage, and we license a streaming media service for instructors. Enforcing this is a constant issue, and no one likes to get busted for uploading video files.


    Adding a separate assignment component to Collaborate seems like the best solution. Such an assignment would not allow file uploads, but would allow students to record directly and then submit a finished product.


    Such a tool would have to figure out media file storage, and with a tool as large as Blackboard, that could be an issue. Maybe cap the file size and say after a year the files will be deleted so it’s up to the institution to store them long term.

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