View and Edit Course Availability Dates

Idea created by jb28572 on Jul 18, 2019
    Under review

    If a course duration is set to Select Dates (range), either by an Administrator or via an SIS integration and the start date of the course has not yet been reached, instructors in Ultra Courses should be informed of this date, as well as given options (if permitted by the privileges) to override this date.



    1) Currently a course with a start date in the future appears on the Upcoming Courses tab.  The course card provides no display (for both students and instructors) of when the course will become available for students.

    2) Furthermore, inside the Ultra course, the controls under Details & Actions state "Course is open. Students can access this course"  While this is true in terms of the available_ind of the course, students do not have the ability to access the course due to the duration settings, thus making this display misleading.

    3) Even if the displayed information was correct and stated the start date, there are no controls within an Ultra course for an instructor to actually modify the course availability dates.






    Product Version (if applicable):1