Random Glossary Entry for Snap

Idea created by ab37750 on Jul 9, 2019
    Under review

    In a more classic theme, Blocks can be used to add to the course page. One block that actually has some pedagogical value is the Random Glossary Entry block. It shows entries from the course glossary to the learner to help present to them key terms and concepts from the course. Reinforcement of learning through alternate methods and presentations is a solid teaching and learning tool and fits Universal Design for Learning principles as well. 

    It would be great if I could add a Random glossary entry type view to my Snap based course. I know I can add the block to the dashboard space, but that only shows when the learner heads to the dashboard. To fit the use case, the content needs to be presented in a way that the learner can see on any of the section pages in my course in Snap. 

    Make a view like the block's that can fit in a label might be the right path or create a new resource type with the random glossary entry code in the resource.

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