Notifications of new Course Messages on Base navigation/ Messages

Idea created by mand on Jul 8, 2019
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    On a system with Base Navigation and Dual Course Mode new messages in Ultra courses are indicated by  “X new message” in bold text followed by  information about the total number of messages.

    new messages in Ultra


    but for original Courses users don´t get any indication about new messages. They only get information about the total number of messages in Inbox. Not very useful information.

    messages original


    This means that for each course the user has to click the link to open the Course Message-tool in the course to check if there are any new messages.


    According to Blackboard this "WORKS AS DESIGNED". The information we got is that users get notifications of new course messages in the What´s new module on the My institution-page. But after turning on Base Navigation there is no What´s new module on the institution page.....


    To make it easy for all users new messages should be indicated on the Messages -page in the same way for Original courses as it is indicated for Ultra- courses.

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