Instructor's Private Notes in the Course

Idea created by fk36757 on Jul 3, 2019
    Under review

    There is in no place in a course for instructors to put private notes about anything; like, for example, the updates they wish to make for the next semester, or any to-do's or not-to-do's as they experience their course! Faculty gather notes outside the course in places like Google Docs or Word Docs that are not attached to the course and they could get messy and cumbersome. Creating a hidden "Item" in the course is too risky as it could accidentally be revealed to the students. Sending notes in the "Course Messages" tool won't get copied over to the next semester. It would be so nice if Blackboard creates a course tool called "Instructor's notes" that stays in the course, without student access, and could be copied over as well. Thank you! 

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