Timestamp for Student Added to Learn Roster

Idea created by dh30239 on Jul 3, 2019
    Under review

    There needs to be better records of when students are added to a Learn course. We use automated scripts to handle enrollment for standard/registrar/timetable courses at the University of Illinois. Since these scripts run in the background, instructors don't know exactly when students are added to the course.


    One common scenario: in the first week or two of a term a student will be added to the course and miss a deadline for an assignment, then claim that they couldn't do it because they didn't have access to the course.


    We can pull these records from our log data that runs the scripts, but instructors will be much more efficient if they had the ability to see when a student was added to their course and by who (either automatic/system enrollment or by another user with elevated privileges).


    While you're at it, provide a change log for users who are marked available and unavailable. Sometimes students drop the course and will become unavailable, only to change their minds and re-add the course in the SIS. There needs to be easily accessible records of when students' enrollment changes in a course.

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