Unattended Point of Sale for Self Checkout

Idea created by mm24047 on Jun 24, 2019
    Under review

    Consumers are becoming accustomed to the having a self-check-out option at major retailers as well as fast food and fast casual restaurants. Universities may also benefit from deploying self-checkouts on campus. We currently have unattended point of sales for adding value to cards (PHiL kiosks) and unattended point of sales for Board plan redemption (MF4100), but we don't have a solution for self-checkout when paying with Stored Value accounts in a retail setting. The closest we come, is using an MF4100 as a laundry point of sale. Why develop another cashiering option for the mf4100 that gives universities more flexibility? Our school would love to deploy a solution like this that would allow employees to use their SV accounts to pay for lunch with the same ease that students use their board meals. Just tap and go...

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