LTI Integration - add Description

Idea created by kg0068604 on Jun 20, 2019
    Under review

    The LTI Tool Providers screen needs an additional column added to the list of provided information.  Currently the following already exist: Tool/Provider (this is written in a format that anyone who was not a part of the LTI build would not know which LTI's belonged to which tools), Tool Type, Status, Credentials, Sends User Data, Data Acknowledgment Page, Placements, and Usage Count. 

    The Tool/Provider is usually presented as a domain and many times does not identify the vendor or tool.  For example, Follett's LTI is represented by:  Without documentation available, it would be nearly impossible to connect the LTI to the vendor and further support.


    I am proposing that one more column be added for a "Description" of the LTI connection and where it might have been obtained or further support found.  When turnover between LMS administrators occurs, much of this information is lost due to poor documentation.  Maintaining that information directly in the LMS would enhance the work of the administrators.

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