Allow Profile Picture Customization in CourseSites Ultra

Idea created by lisabslover on Jun 14, 2019

    I have customized my Blackboard CourseSites profile picture on my information page, and it displays correctly there. It's still displaying as a generic black and gray silhouette in my Ultra course, though.


    I was chatting with a support representative who told me that the feature to change the profile picture on the course page is not available in Ultra. I asked why the profile circle is present at all in the course, if the profile picture is not allowed to display there, but did not receive an answer as to why. Then I asked if there is a way to hide the generic profile picture circle, since it is only displaying an ominous looking black and gray silhouette in the course, and was told there is no way to turn the generic image off.

    I suggest that the profile picture be allowed to display on the Ultra course pages. If not, I ask that the user be allowed to hide that generic image.


    Thank you!

    Product Version (if applicable):2