Display Turnitin assignments in Calendar and To Do when Grade Centre column hidden

Idea created by at38029 on Jun 14, 2019
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    Q2 2019 introduces improved 3rd party integration (see 'Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types' in Release Notes).

    This should address the needs expressed by Maria Tannant in this Idea



    However we've discovered that Turnitin assignments only display in the Calendar and To Do when the assignment Grade Centre column is set as visible to students. Our practice is always to hide the column until all marking is complete. We achieve this by choosing the Turnitin setting "Reveal grades only on post date", which automatically hides the column and reveals it on the Post Date.


    I'm sure many other UK institutions follow the same practice.


    Can you please change the way this feature works, so that Turnitin assignment due dates display even when the Grade Centre column is hidden from students.

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