Notification Settings Issues in Ultra - Changes Needed!

Idea created by kleps.mary on Jun 13, 2019
    Under review

    When Ultra Base Navigation is turned on, users are no longer able to select which courses they want to receive notifications from.  By default, they receive notifications for all activities in all courses.  They can turn off notifications for certain activities but that effects all courses.  There is no way to keep notifications on for a current course but turn them off for past courses.  As a matter of fact, they receive notifications for old courses.  An instructor brought to my attention that she is receiving notifications from a course from the fall of 2016 as is her students.  Furthermore, instructors and students alike receive several notifications when a Course Copy function is performed, regardless of whether the course is "available" to students or not. This is problematic as it defeats the purpose of using the Activity Stream unless users want to see notifications for all of their courses. 

    Product Version (if applicable):1