Music listening questions formats for tests

Idea created by on Jun 11, 2019
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    I am soliciting ideas for effective strategies for administering listening-based tests for music appreciation classes.  I currently teach a class entitled Jazz and Popular Music Culture.  In our day program I typically play selected musical excerpts from I-tunes while students answer multiple choice type questions related to each excerpt.  Of course, this is all done in real time.  The students do not get to listen to any example more than one time.  Once the examples (each run for about 60 seconds) are completed in a sequence, the students continue with the other test questions and then turn in their exams when finished.

    I am looking for good ideas that will translate well to the online format.  Obviously, in a class like this the students are going to have to be tested with listening-based questions.  Is there a clever way to set this up?  I would like to have a set window of time for each student to take the test, and I would like to make it possible to listen to each example ONLY once during the actual test.

    Any good ideas out there for doing this type of thing?

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