Send Reminder: include In Progress attempts

Idea created by at38029 on Jun 10, 2019
    Under review

    Grade Centre > Send Reminder


    When sending a non-submission reminder to students who have not yet submitted to a particular assignment, the email is only sent to students who have not made an attempt at all. A reminder is NOT sent to students whose attempt is still In Progress i.e. they have pressed Save, but not Submit.


    With Blackboard Assignments, it's not possible for the instructor to see In Progress attempts, and if the student does not press Submit before the deadline, then they are deemed not to have submitted on time.


    Moreover, when non-submission reminders are sent out, these 'In Progress' students don't get one. Consequently they might not realise that they haven't successfully submitted, so take no further action, and are then deemed not to have submitted at all. 


    If they received a reminder they would at least have the opportunity to submit late, and have their work marked, albeit with a penalty applied.


    If others agree, could the logic for these reminders be changed, so that they are sent to everyone who has not successfully Submitted an Attempt?

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