Ability to select specific PLD rules when importing

Idea created by st37947 on Jun 5, 2019
    Under review

    Our org is a big user of the PLD, and it would be great to be able to select a subset of PLD rules when importing from another course.  Currently when you import from another course you have the option to select Include PLD data which is "all or nothing" and brings over all rules found in the course.  


    This would allow you to build many different PLD rules in a template course, and upon importing just select the ones that apply for the course you are building (similar to how you select content within a section when importing).  The aim here would be moving more towards a PLD repository.  We are a small team managing many different courses so it's near impossible to build PLDs from scratch each time and this functionality would really streamline our workflow.  


    Please let me know if anyone has found a good way of managing this or if I'm missing something here!


    Thank you,


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