Why is Bb UI Design Antiquated?

Idea created by rd0049918 on May 29, 2019
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    Hello Bb users,


    I recently came across this AMAZING video on Courseware - an Edmentum solution. For those who are unfamiliar, Edmentum is a leading provider of online learning programs (headquartered in MN) with a massive customer base in the United States, Canada, UK and Asia. Before you dismiss this video as promotional and nothing to do with Bb, think again! I was in same boat until I saw the entire video and realized Courseware is actually a next-generation LMS.


    Edmentum Courseware Tutorial


    I urge YOU to watch this video and share your thoughts. Its not just an idea but rather a confluence of ideas that can transform existing features in Bb Learn Original and Ultra versions. Its disappointing that Bb has a massive LMS engine but not the simple features showcased in Edmentum's Courseware. I understand Bb's objective to design a universal LMS canvas (no pun intended!) that can be customized by any K-12 or higher education user. But, its tragic if Bb misses out on critical features that can benefit all users and which have been requested for years.


    Its time we stop tweaking minor aspects of Learn Original/Ultra to satisfy a few idea voters and start making remarkable transformations. Two questions dawned on me after watching this video:


    1. Why didn't my team and I see this video before purchasing Bb Learn? We went with Bb since its a global LMS leader, but everything we want is in Courseware. Learning Module is a great Bb tool, but poorly designed - look at Courseware's Learning Module and decide which is superior. Its like buying a Mercedes-Benz only to find out that steering wheel vibration (when the car senses a lane drift) is available in Kia. Bad example, but you get the idea!
    2. When is Bb going to transform its UI like Courseware? For all LMS aficionados, you know that Courseware shares similar traits to most e-learning platforms available in the market today. Even Khan Academy has architectural features (activity progress bar, rewards badges, etc.) that is missing in Bb. I thought Ultra was going to deliver with a bang, but I'm seeing its product roadmap focus on aspects that are already available in Learn Original.


    Its only a matter of time before tech vendors like Edmentum prove as equal alternatives to Bb Learn. I do hope the Bb dev team watches this video and makes serious transformations in Learn Original and Ultra.


    Ryan D.

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