Share Computer Audio in Collaborate Ultra

Idea created by km32143 on May 29, 2019
    Under review

    We have a lot of faculty who teach online and are trying to share media content during a Collaborate Ultra session. It is often a video on their computer or within a Powerpoint that they plan to show via screen share. Sometimes it's already online and they can post the link in the chat. If it's not already online, we need to work with the instructor to determine the best way to share the content with their attendees. Sometimes sharing the content outside the meeting is not appropriate and sharing privately takes time. The instructors often haven't thought that piece through and discover at the last minute that they need to turn their volume way up so people can hear their computer audio through their mic. 


    Several of our faculty use Zoom as well which has an option to play computer audio. It would be great to have this in Collaborate Ultra as well. It would allow faculty to easily share a video or audio file with their attendees whether it is on their computer or hosted online.  

    Product Version (if applicable):1