Edit Course List (Select All/Unselect All)

Idea created by tn0077810 on May 17, 2019
    Under review

    It would be extremely helpful if there was an select/deselect all checkbox option in the top row of the "Edit Course List" section of My Courses or Courses module when one chooses to "Personalize: My Courses" or "Personalize: Course List" as we see in other places when working in Blackboard (i.e. users, courses, etc.). This would really simplify the management of courses allowing faculty to manage their course list more efficiently. Currently, we must select or deselect each course row to choose which courses will display. With a lot of courses, this becomes somewhat tedious and time-consuming.  


    Currently there is no checkbox to select or unselect all of the courses.

    Edit Course List with No Select All/Unselect All Checkbox


    Here's an example of a page "Courses" where there is a checkbox to select or unselect all rows.

    Courses - Select Unselect All Checkbox

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