make import of test questions more robust

Idea created by st0069572 on May 17, 2019
    Under review

    Currently if you import test questions, for example fill in multiple blank questions, it will let you import stuff without answers. Blackboard doesn't even let you save a question where a blank has no right answer in the UI. 


    There's no clear warning or message stopping you from importing questions that way. 


    There's also no warning or error when students begin a test. 


    It's only after students complete a whole test that they get an admin error that locks their attempt as in progress. Making them have to retake the test either on paper or -- hope the next attempt does not have the question with the issue included in it. (in our case it was one question out of 94 with a problem, and only 50 of those would get pulled out of the question set for each attempt). 


    Then -- until you edit the question and add in an answer -- some of the in-progress attempts aren't even viewable by the instructor. They get an admin error when they try to open the attempt. 


    Blackboard could handle any one step of this process better and avoid disasters like the one we just had. Not letting the question import at all would be ideal. Or an interface to force you to add an answer for that blank before importing. Or...a notice that that certain question has a problem....or at least not letting students get through a whole test before ruining their attempt. 

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