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Idea created by mh0055446 on May 15, 2019
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    I am looking for some release notes for v3700.3.0 which has just been released to our test environment (SAAS Learn Plus / continuous release) so that I can do some testing before it automatically is released to our production environment or at least be able to flagged some updates to keep an eye on, however these do not seem to be available now and it looks like they will not be available until 3 days before our Production environment is updated.

    I would be really grateful if it is not possible to see the release notes then at the very least a list of who is proposed to be released in this version. This would be incredibly helpful if the release notes could be made available before our testing environment is updated so we can properly test and be aware of any issues before they affect our 'live' environment.


    We are currently moving some of our schools from original to Ultra so have a combination currently.


    Thank you in advance.



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