Course ID available in Collaborate Ultra Reports

Idea created by km32143 on May 13, 2019
    Under review

    It would be extremely useful to be able to know what courses are using Collaborate or Collaborate Ultra in their Blackboard courses. The current reports contain the attendees and the name of the session, but not the course it was initiated from. If the Instructor or TA entered a session name other than the default course name, there is no easy way to tell what course it is from despite the session being created within a Blackboard course using a tool integrated via a building block. Currently, the best option we have is to try matching attendees in the Attendee Report to course rosters from the SIS.  


    Having the Course ID in a report would allow us to identify the programs using it heavily or not at all. We could then adjust support or report back to program directors. It would also allow us to better manage recording storage as we save content for doctoral courses longer than undergrad or masters level courses. Without easily knowing which recording is from which course, deleting older content from courses that are no longer available in Blackboard has been a very manual process.  

    Product Version (if applicable):1