Documentation of System Backups

Idea created by aw0056008 on May 6, 2019
    Under review

    As our institution prepares for its accreditation visit, there are areas where we need to produce documentation for certain pieces of our distance learning programs; one of these areas is the length of retention for backups of data, and how long the data is maintained.


    There is currently no way to run a report showing the last back-up, the amount or detail of records/data backed up, or (based upon the specificity of system settings), when the backup will expire.


    This could be solved with the creation of a simple report that could be run at any time, showing when the last back-up took place, what was backed up (from a data volume and number of records perspective), and when that backup will expire (10 years?  100 years?) - so that it can be provided for accreditation, a monthly IT meeting, an audit, or for whatever purposes it might serve.

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