Make Grade Center Attendance grade match Attendance tool grade in all cases

Idea created by st0069572 on May 2, 2019
    Under review


    I understand when a bug isn't a high priority enough to fix -- but I fail to understand how "functioning as designed" describes this issue in any way.


    The attendance tool will take the total points possible, based on the setting in the grade center column for attendance, and divide it into however many class sessions have a mark entered for a student. So, if you have 135 points possible and 30 sessions, that would be  4.5 points per session. If a student is absent 28 times and present 2 times, that's 9/135 points. That displays correctly in the attendance tool.


    The grade center inexplicably shows 8.9999.


    This would seem like a rare case, with a student only showing up 2/30 times. However, setting up all the sessions in the attendance tool ahead of time, and marking everyone absent for all days, then marking them present as you go along the semester ... is the *only* way to display a certain number of points per day adding up to the students.


    If there was a setting that allowed for the attendance tool to make each session a certain number of points, this issue could probably be avoided.

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