Display Adaptive Release Criteria

Idea created by jd31959 on May 1, 2019
    Under review

    We use Adaptive Release heavily for Assignments/Assessments/Texts/Exams, etc. We receive a lot of support requests because students cannot move to the next assignment. It is often cause by an adaptive release condition that has not been met but they did not understand.


    It would be very helpful for students, teachers, and staff to have the Adaptive Release Criteria visible on any item where adaptive release has been added. Having this information visible would prevent confusion for the student and reduce support calls.



    > A collapsible icon to expand a list of requirements before item can be released. As they are completed they will drop off of the list until nothing remains and the item is opened.

    -Assignment 1.1 must be attempted

    -Assignment 2.1 must be submitted and graded

    -Discussion 1.3 must have 2 posts and 1 reply



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