Azure AD Guest accounts

Idea created by ip0069015 on Apr 22, 2019
    Under review

    For our Identity provider we are using Azure AD. This particular IdP has very useful feature called "Guest user", where we can send an invite to external account to join our environment and access our environment without us have to create actual account and manage password (see this document Quickstart: Add guest users in the Azure portal - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs ). While this is a very useful feature those accounts cannot be provisioned to Blackboard because each external account contains "#" character. In Azure AD they are created in follwing way:



    Working with support, this is currently not allowing accounts to be provisioned because of # character. It would be great if provisioning would allow external user accounts to be created in blackboard regardless of #EXT# in the name or at least if SAML would detect this and trim those characters and allow account provisioning.

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