Better Grade Center: Kill all, upload spreadsheet

Idea created by rrobin on Apr 16, 2019
    Under review

    The Bb Grade Center is a clunky click-OK-again mess. And using Excel or Google Sheets is a multi-step process (1. Kill all previous grades in Bb in Organize Columns, 2. Download sheet to get the correct header-IDs for the first three required columns, 3. Upload new grades from a CSV or TAB spreadsheet.


    Make life easier for us. Create a grading mode called "External Spreadsheet." When the user clicks on MODIFY GRADES, the External Spreadsheet routine would do the following:

    1.  Prompt the user for the spreadsheet file to upload.

    2.  Open the grade center and automatically remove all previously user-entered columns.

    3.  Replace the columns with data from the speadsheet.

    4.  Warn about orphaned and missing users, e.g.
           Your uploaded speadsheet has data for 30 users but Bb lists only 28 users. Errors will occur.


          Your uploaded speadsheet has data for 26 users but Bb lists only 28 users. Is data missing?

           OR better yet, have Bb read the sheet and tell us which users are missing and orphaned.


    I would point out that for a complicated grade sheet with assignments and tests of various weight, Excel operates at supersonic speeds. In Bb, it's click, confirm, calculate, and click several more times. Let Excel do what it does best. And make Bb work easily with Excel.





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