Test Improvement

Idea created by uy0070474 on Apr 11, 2019
    Under review

    Regard the test ,our faculties always ask about the ability to do the flowing:


    1- the ability to change the default  setting of grade center to hide the student name by default when the faculties  starting correction , and if they want to see the name they select it from the option (Reverse the which existing now) . or at least let this setting controlled by the admin.


    2- Add voice detection questions  


    3- Test duration , we know that once the student has access to the test he will take full test time , but what about the late students ? they also will have the same time while the access to the exam is still enabled  ,

    what I suggest to make it as option, so the faculty could control this, after he put the exam availability period,he has the option of calculating the time from the start time of the availability and therefore the test time for any late student will be counted the remaining time of the start time of the availability.

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