Suggestion to Improve Access to Grade Center on Mobile and ipads

Idea created by ll0055066 on Apr 10, 2019
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    Is there a possibility to improve ease of access to Full grade center (for access to manually graded columns)

    on the ipad (scrolling right issues) and on the app so those on tablets or mobile devices can easily grade

    items handed in during class?




    I have a faculty member that is trying to enter grades for manual columns on a mobile device

    or on an ipad and on mobile.  I did have her meet with me and told her about the app and we tried a couple

    of different things but she still had some issues scrolling to columns on the far right side of the grade center.


    The Mobile Instructor app doesn't seem to have an easy way to enter grades into a manually created

    column for items students turn in during class. 


    Also, she tried the web browser on her ipad and had trouble scrolling to the columns on the far

    right side of her grade center. 


    Linda Leake, M.Ed.

    Blackboard Admin Team

    University of Louisville

    Louisville, KY

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