Fix error message that states "You do not have permission to enroll user(s)"

Idea created by dh30239 on Apr 8, 2019
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    Our SDM just helped us discover the cause of an error message that's been confusing our help desk for years. Reproduction steps are as follow:


    1. Access the course as an instructor or Admin

    2. Control Panel > Users > Find Users to Enroll

    3. Type the user_id in the box you want to enroll

    4. Click Browse to search for the user

    5. Search and Select the user

    6. Notice the user is now in the text box twice seperated by ;

    7. Submit


    You'll then see an error message like this:




    The error message is inaccurate and has caused countless hours of wasted time at our institution. Please change the error message to something more descriptive such as:


    "Error, please ensure you have not entered the same User ID twice"

    Product Version (if applicable):0