Add "Only Send to Parent" and "Also Send to Parent" options for message broadcasts

Idea created by sa0070815 on Apr 5, 2019
    Under review

    Please add the checkbox options:

    • A checkbox for "Also send to parents"
    • A checkbox for "ONLY send to parents"


    Currently, if you want to send a message to students and parents of a specific group of students, as recipients for broadcast notifications, the only options available are to set up a message just to the group of students or check the box to send to parents, which then ONLY sends the message to parents. So 2 messages then have to be set up and sent, a message to the group of specific students, and a second message to only the parents of the specific group of students.


    It is cumbersome to create a group of students and a corresponding group of parents because many times, the parents and children do not share the same name. The same is true for creating a single group that contains both parents and students.


    Furthermore, if students are deleted from the student group, trying to find the parents to delete from a corresponding parent group is cumbersome and time intensive, as parents may not have the same last names. The same is true for a single group containing both students and parents.

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