Consistent Tool Names

Idea created by clint.brooks on Apr 5, 2019
    Under review

    Blackboard (like any software company) should avoid inconsistent usage of tool names, especially changing the names of tools unless absolutely necessary. Changing tool names causes customers to have to update all documentation on those tools. It and inconsistent usage of names also creates confusion among product users.


    Some notable examples of tool name inconsistencies and changes:


    The Content Editor is often called the Text Editor in BTB tickets - The official tool name, at least according to the Blackboard Help site is Content Editor, but it is called Text Editor in some locations. Some of this may be archaic usage by customers, but it should be corrected wherever possible for the sake of consistency and clarity.


    The Grade Center is now the Grade Book in Ultra - For former WebCT/Bb CE users, this is a return, as the grading tool was called the Grade Book in that product. However, for current Classic/Original users, it is a change that affects a whole lot of content, without any discernible benefit.


    Action Link and Contextual Menu - The menus for each item used to be called "contextual menus" for some time. This makes sense, given that the content of the menus change depending on the tool being used. However, I seldom see the menus identified this way in Bb documentation. The buttons which opened them were called Action Link buttons. Now they are referred to in Bb documentation as "Option Menu buttons," which is confusing, given that option buttons are the "radio" buttons found in Web forms.


    Long story short, Blackboard needs to work towards maintaining consistent tool names that only change when the tool itself significantly changes. To often the changes seem arbitrary or marketing-driven, with no improvement in the ease of use - often the result is confusion and user frustration. This is an issue Blackboard has full control over. It's not a question of bugs or technical standards. Blackboard should being working harder to get it right.

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