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Idea created by ddyer on Apr 4, 2019
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    You know how when you put a URL into nearly any social media site today, and it will pull up a preview of the page? Well, why can't we do this in Bb? Why do I have to download, edit, upload an image from a site, as well as actually construct the link, in order to simulate this. It seems pretty ubiquitous elsewhere.


    I run across 5-10 sites per day that I would like to share with my students, but the process of creating an announcement with a link and (because they won't just follow a link) and image is so onerous, that I don't pass along a lot of these contextualizing things that show "how will I use this in everyday life?"


    We need to catch up with "what the kids are using" today, or we will have to find our own (other, non-Bb) ways to do this. And once I start using other tools, I'm probably going to find other tools for everything else, too.

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