Additional Administrator Tools Breadcrumbs

Idea created by ss0069883 on Apr 1, 2019
    Under review

    In SaaS Original Course View you have the tabs for navigating to other areas from the one you're in, eg. if you're in the Content Management screens, you have access to the Admin tab to go to your admin tools. In Ultra Base Nav, the tabs have been removed, so if you go to Content Management from the Administration area you have to close the entire slideout to access the admin area again.


    I suggest the addition of better breadcrumbs based on your navigation. If you access the Content area from the admin tools area, there should be a link back that doesn't require closing a page. Such as:


    Admin > Content Management > Manage Content > internal >...

    Clicking "Manage Content" from the Administrator tools page takes you to the Content Collection within the Administrator Tools pane, without a means of getting directly back to the tools page.

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