Custom Logout Page Ability for BB Learn Environments Using SSO Login

Idea created by jbratsis on Mar 29, 2019
    Under review

    We (along with many other Blackboard customers) would LOVE the ability to have the option of putting in place a custom BB Learn "Logout Page" (or redirect to another page/URL) for instances of BB Learn that have Single Sign On (SSO - SAML, Shibboleth, etc...) configured and enabled.


    This would give institutions more control in terms of look/feel, but also assist our endusers (faculty and students) in avoiding the confusion when logging out that they currently encounter by the Blackboard delivered logout page, which contains the following verbiage:




    You ended your Blackboard session, but your single sign-on (SSO) session is still active. While this browser window is open, you can access other applications within the SSO network without needing to sign in again.


    To protect your privacy, close all browser windows when you are finished, especially if you are using a public computer.


    Do you want to end your SSO session?


    End SSO Session






    I sincerely thank you for your consideration and support.  Hopefully you all find this simple request/option as valuable and useful as we think it will be for the whole Blackboard Community!


    Have a wonderful day!


    - John Bratsis

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